Live stream your House of Worship on Youtube and Facebbok

Live Stream your House Of Workship on Facebook or Youtube

As compared to a decade ago, a big advantage of live streaming today is the ability to affordably broadcast diverse events to specific audiences. Keep in mind that there are many events for which multi-camera live streaming is simply not feasible. In these cases, operating a one-person multi-camera live streaming setup can also support greater opportunity for church to get the gospel work into more homes.

Equipment needed

Cameras: These are what will be used to capture what is happening in front of you

Audio: For some live event audio are mixed from multiple microphones and instruments that a sound engineer will provide a audio feed to your mix.

Switch: Seamless switching between multiple camera angles and the ability to add transition and effect to increase your production value and keep your audience entertained while listening to the word.

Computer: This can be used to connect to you streaming platform such as Youtube, Facebook or Livestream and other platforms. This is also used to create presentation slides or scripture reading that is posted live into your live stream.

Technician: the person who will be well verse with all the operations that can monitor, switch and direct the other operators on Lighting, frame rates, color balance and framing the shots you want to go on your program feed.

The Following is a Equipment List that you will need to give you a full 2 to 4  camera setup will all the necessary cables, cameras switcher and power sources that you will need from unboxing to going live.


Find product descriptions, product numbers, costing, url to the websites where each product items can be sourced and the amount needed.

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