Outsource Video Editing

Have a Big Project and dont have to time to edit?

Let DH Web Mebia professional video editors create that content for you. Trimming, Color Correction, Audio Noise Filtering, Graphics, Lower 3rds and Exporting to any formats. whether Quicktime, MP4, MP2, AVI, DVIX and more.

We also format your video to fit our Social Media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Yotube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Whatsapp or Twitch.

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We are located in the British Virgin Islands ( BVI )Dorian Hodge and his team has over 20 Years experience in the Business.
Custom frame sizes for your Vertical Ads, Tablet, PC, Smart TV, or Smart Phones.

Here some information from on advantages of outsourcing:

When most people think of video production, they imagine bringing in a hired gun to shoot, edit, and produce whatever it is they need. The idea of outsourcing – calling on an expert from outside your business – is well-known for brands large and small.

Outsourcing is the way many businesses handle their video production needs. Sometimes it’s easier to have someone with all the experience and resources needed handle the project while you focus on product development, marketing, and other aspects of your business.

When you outsource your video needs, you often pay top dollar but get a host of valuable benefits:

State of the art resources. Agencies are extremely competitive, so they’re forced to keep pace with all the latest cameras, software, and production techniques.

Experience. Outsourced professionals have been shooting and editing video for years or even decades. They come into your project with a lot of experience and a track record of success.

Used to working with clients, making revisions, and producing quality end-products. Outside help can guide you through the process and help you clarify your creative vision.

Outside perspective. Agencies can use their experience to explore your business and tell your story in ways you haven’t thought about because you’re too close to the project.

Easier to calculate the costs involved. With contractors, you don’t have to think about healthcare, social security, and the opportunity costs of having employees shoot video instead of do something else.

Great if you need something quickly. Contractors are used to meeting tight deadlines because their reputations depend on it. If they didn’t, their client base would quickly dry up.

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